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Medicare Plans in Texas

Medicare has many extensive insurance plans, each offering different facilities, such as plans A, B, C, D, and Medigap. These plans can be pretty confusing for the newbies opting for Medicare Advantage Plans Austin TX, so here is a simple breakdown of all the medicare plans:

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Original Medicare

Part A and B combine to constitute the Original Medicare plan which is a basic one, and you will be eligible for other plans only after you sign up or register and get accepted for plans A and B. You should sign up for Medicare part A and B as soon as you first become eligible. If you get late signing up, you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty.

Part A:

Medicare part A is actually hospital insurance and covers your hospitalization charges, home health care, and nurses charges. Part A is free of cost and is usually referred to as premium-free part A. You would be eligible for premium-free part A after the age of 65 only if: Medicare Plans in Texas.

  1. You or your spouse have been paying Medicare taxes
  2. You get benefits from Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board

If you are under age 65, then you will be eligible: Medicare Application Texas

  1. You get disability benefits from the Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board
  2. You have end-stage renal disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

If you are not eligible for premium-free part A, then you can buy the non-premium-free part A. For non-premium-free part A, you will need to pay a monthly anywhere between $260 to $480 depending upon the time period for which you or your spouse paid the Medicare taxes.

Part B:

Medicare part B is also called medical insurance, and it covers many medical facilities that plan A does not. Part B covers a broad spectrum of medically necessary outpatient services, which are considered crucial for the diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition. Some outpatients services are:

  1. Ambulance bills in case of emergency
  2. Emergency room charges
  3. Medical equipment is needed regularly for long-term use, such as wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, and other equipment.
  4. Physiotherapy
  5. Other critical treatments like kidney dialysis, organ transplants, chemotherapy, etc.

Plant B also covers the cost of many preventive medical procedures such as:

  1. Vaccinations and shots for many infections
  2. Labs and blood screenings for fatal diseases such as Hepatitis, Diabetes, Sexually transmitted diseases
  3. Cancer screening
  4. Heart-related tests such as ECG, ETT, and many others

All these screenings and tests serve as a preventive measure that keeps you from getting sick in the first place. They help diagnose any disease in its earliest stage so that it can be treated before progressing to a bigger extent.

Part C: Medicare Advantage Plans Austin TX

Medicare Advantage or Part C offers other medical services in addition to the basic part A and B services. Medicare advantage plan offers much additional coverage such as dental, hearing, vision, and other medical wellness treatments. If you need regular visits and treatments for such medical issues, then you can consider going for the Medicare advantage plan. This plan sometimes also includes prescription drugs as well. Part C has to be bought through Medicare-approved private health insurance companies. Thus the features, costs, and coverage of Part C can vary, and the policy can change every year. Therefore, it is important to carefully view and understand your Medicare advantage plans Austin TX before signing up for it.

Part D: Medicare Plans in Texas

Medicare part D is actually a prescription drug insurance plan that covers your emergency or regular use medicines. If you need prescription drugs necessarily, then you should enroll for Medicare plans in Texas, as soon as you are eligible. Otherwise, you may encounter extensive gaps in your coverage or pay a late enrollment penalty. Like plan C, it is also optional and is bought by the private health insurers approved by Medicare, and so it too, has varying costs and rules; for example, some plans cover only some specific outpatient drugs, so if you use a different drug not included in the plan, you may have to buy it yourself. In plan D, many drugs are usually covered; however, over-the-counter drugs and other unnecessary ones are not included. In some cases, certain vaccinations are also a part of plan D, which are not covered in plan B. Due to this reason reviewing every little detail of your insurance plan is very important.

Medicare Supplement Plan/ Medigap

Medicare supplement plan or Medigap is a plan created to provide most of the many facilities that original Medicare does not cover. If you opt for Medigap, then you will have to pay a monthly Medigap premium along with your plan B premium. Also, a Medigap premium covers for a single person only, so you and your spouse need a Medigap plan, then each will have to pay the premiums separately. A Medigap plan does not cover long-term healthcare costs, dental, vision, and nursing charges, etc. It usually covers copayments, deductibles, and healthcare facilities in case you are traveling outside the US.

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