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Medicare Original or Medicare Advantage what should you go for? This question confuses almost every single person opting for Medicare. Well, not to worry anymore because we have all the answers for you. The article below provides an intricate framework of Medicare Original Vs. Medicare Advantage Texas plans, their coverage, and eligibility criteria so that you can choose the perfect fit for yourself! So make sure to read till the end! ( Medicare Austin Texas ) Find your Texas Medicare Eligibility Now

Medicare health insurance is a go-to for many people due to its extensive benefits that help combat the surging healthcare costs. For quite a handful of people, especially in the US, healthcare costs are a burdensome expense, and many prefer no medical checkups on their health rather than consistent checkups. Medicare health insurance is proving to be a lifesaver for such people by offering its impressive coverage and convenience. Medicare is a one-stop-shop for all with its plenty of insurance plans, each made to suit the needs of a diverse population. People in Texas can benefit from Medicare Austin Texas to the fullest and acquire great healthcare facilities with low costs.

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Due to its top-notch reputation and exceptional hype, many people are steering towards enrolling in medicare, and still, many are confused among its various plans, which are “Medicare Original” and “Medicare Advantage Texas plans.”Both of these plans provide excellent healthcare coverage for elder citizens specially customized to fit their needs. So first, here is a brief introduction to both:

Medicare Original

Medicare original is the simplest of medicare insurance plans which is necessary to enroll in before going for any other plan. It consists of two parts, namely part A and part B. Both these parts provide basic healthcare services. Where part A is usually free of cost and part B requires a monthly premium, under certain conditions, one has to pay for both the parts. The premium offers the same facilities irrespective of a person’s income; however, people earning more may need to pay a little extra. On the contrary, those earning less can apply for assistance. Find your Texas Medicare Eligibility Now

Part A

For people aged over 65 years, part A comes with a free zero-dollar premium for many people fulfilling eligibility criteria. This part covers basic inpatient costs such as a hospital stay in a semi-private room including meals and nurse care, drugs (to some extent), necessary medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, prosthetic limbs, etc., along with rehabilitation services such as physical therapy. Even though Medicare Part A covers a lot of such inpatient costs, there is still a limit to it. Medicare Part A covers two months or 60 days of inpatient stay. If this limit exceeds, the patient will need to pay an additional copayment of $370 per day for the next 30 days. If the hospital stay is still required after additional 30 days, then for the next 60 days’ reserved period, the patient would be required to pay $745 per day. Part A covers a hundred-day stay at the hospital; on the 101st day, the person is solely responsible for all their charges. However, people needing a short treatment and inpatient stay consider the Medicare Original as their ideal insurance plan since it offers a broad spectrum of basic healthcare facilities. ( Medicare Austin Texas )

Eligibility Criteria: 

People over age 65 are eligible for premium-free part A. Those who have paid Medicare taxes for over 10 years are also readily eligible. To be more precise, you are eligible for premium-free part A if;

  1. You receive retirement benefits from Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board.
  2. You or your spouse had Medicare covered government employment.
  3. You or your spouse paid Medicare taxes for 10 years.
  4. You have the end-stage renal disease (requiring renal dialysis or renal transplant)
  5. You have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

If you do not fall under the category of any of the above, you can still get medicare benefits by buying its monthly premium. Find you Texas Medicare Eligibility Now

Part B

Medicare Part B provides doctor coverage. It covers the majority of necessary medical treatments and diagnoses. Combined with part A, it provides complete basic medical requirements. This coverage depends and is decided by certain factors such as federal and state laws and the local insurance companies associated with medicare. Part B covers many healthcare costs that are considered crucial to one’s life and well-being, such as routine checkup fees, labs and screenings, vaccinations, and immunization, mental health, durable medical equipment, prescription drugs (to a limited extent only). Thus part B provides its elements with a vast range of healthcare facilities. The fact that it also provides preventive care such as vaccination and screenings makes it an economical approach. This helps diagnose any ailment at its initial stage, which may be cured in time and save you from the worst possible situations.

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Eligibility CriteriaMedicare Austin Texas

The eligibility criteria for part B is more or less the same as part A. However, part B is not free, and you will need to pay a monthly premium of $170.10 (currently in 2022, but it is subject to changes every year). Find your Texas Medicare Eligibility Now

Medicare Advantage Texas Plan

In simple words, the Medicare Advantage Texas plans or plan C is considered as an alternative to the Medicare Original plan having additional facilities as well. Medicare Advantage Texas plans is offered by Medicare associated or approved private companies, and so its costs and terms and conditions change every year. Mostly the advantage plan also includes a Part D or supplement plan, which provides drug coverage for people needing it regularly. Thus drug coverage is essentially crucial for people suffering from chronic illnesses such as hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, anemia, and other such ailments which require consistent drug intake, mostly for a lifetime. Such medicines can be expensive. The Medicare Advantage Texas plans ( Medicare Austin Texas ) provide most of the facilities of Part A and B, including emergency and urgent care costs, along with other non or less crucial ones such as dental, vision, and hearing services. Some plans even provide gym memberships and discounts and hospital transportation costs.

Since the advantage plan is provided by private companies, each plan has different features, out-of-pocket costs, and rules. For example, some plans require the patient to have a referral to visit a specialist. Some plans also require the patient to see only a certain specialist or doctor mentioned in the plan and none other. Following such rules actually help keep your costs lower, so it is always a plus point.

It is to be noted that the Medicare Advantage plan does not cost greater than the original medical plan for certain conditions like dialysis, chemotherapy, and nursing facilities. Also, by enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan, you’re out of pocket expenses are cut down to a great extent. So opting for a Medicare Advantage plan may be the best and reasonably budget-friendly choice for you if you need the services provided in it.

Eligibility CriteriaMedicare Austin Texas

The eligibility criteria of the advantage plan are also similar to that of the original plan. To get the advantage plan, you need to pay a monthly advantage premium in addition to your part B premium. However, keep in mind that you can drop or change your medicare advantage plan twice a year, so you always have an option if it does not work out for you. Find you Texas Medicare Eligibility Now

Final Thoughts

The Medicare Original and Medicare Advantage Texas plans are widely debatable and appreciated due to their broad-spectrum coverage and accessibility. They provide many facilities needed by our elderly generation; this makes it stand out of the pack by taking into consideration their needs. The Original Medicare plan has its own benefits. It is a complete health insurance plan for people needing basic healthcare facilities. On the other hand, the advantage plan is a precise one for those needing excessive healthcare services. It provides many other facilities as well, being budget effective within easy access of a average citizen.

Medicare health insurance has become a vital part of our lives and provides us countless benefits, including peace of mind. It helps reduce the costs of many daily treatments, drugs, as well as urgent care and emergency costs, thereby saving your bank balance from sudden unexpected shocks. Our elderly citizens matter. Protecting your elders’ life while safeguarding your life savings can be balanced efficiently through Medicare. The security of mental peace and health of yours and your family offered at affordable prices is a blessing in itself provided by Medicare.

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